Blazing #BlogTour: Into the Air by A.K. Downing

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NEW Cover_half size.jpgInto the Air
by A.K. Downing
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Fantasy
Release Date: August 2017


When Mia Bryn escapes her underground compound and travels into the air, she never imagines her world will explode. Separated from her father and attacked by creatures she never knew existed, Mia flees into the forest. Within hours, she finds an abandoned girl, discovers a link to her missing mother, and meets beautiful, golden-eyed Archer. But why is an ordinary girl from a compound being hunted? And how can Mia survive in a world she knows nothing about?

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Excerpt from Chapter 8 – Converge

“We’re not going anywhere with you,” I spat. I purposefully made my tone caustic and much to my dismay, Archer bent down in front of me until his very serious face was only inches from mine.

“You don’t have much choice in the matter, Miss…”


“You don’t have much choice in the matter, Mia,” he said softly, keying in on my name. He tilted his head to one side before he continued. “I’m sure you’ve noticed the woods are full of things that go bump in the night and whoever is tracking you, because you are being tracked, will most likely find you before the day ends. I’d say traveling with us is your only option for staying alive. Now if you choose not to travel with us, I wish you luck with the drones that will surely capture and most likely kill you within minutes.” He backed away and regarded me coolly. “So, what will it be?”

“One minute Archer,” Ben barked.

I scanned the woods, but didn’t see anything. The guards had pulled their bows taught. Every arrow was pointed directly over my head. The youngest one, Troy, glanced at me as if I was senseless…as if I were an exotic animal that didn’t understand the dangers of this land. And then I heard it. An eerie hum. It drifted like an omen through the trees. Instinctively, I knew something dangerous was approaching. Ezra gaped at me, her eyes growing wider by the second. Without a doubt, she had heard this sound before and knew to be afraid, but I still couldn’t move.

“I did not leave my compound to be dictated to.”

The tiniest of smiles tipped his lips. “Ah, it’s choice you want.”

I glared at him. The smug bastard.

“Then here’s a choice: live or die.” Archer stated it as a fact, holding his hand out to me. His voice was calm – unbearably so.

“What?” I gasped.

“Live or die. It’s a choice. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

It really wasn’t a choice, and he knew it. But what really irked me was he didn’t seem to care. If I chose to stay on the ground, he would just leave me in the woods without a second thought. The buzzing grew louder and yet, even as the other men backed away, Archer did not move. In fact, his smirk grew wider.

About the Author

a.k. downing.jpgA.K. Downing’s young-adult novel, Into the Air, is a 2017 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the story follows the adventure of teenager Mia Bryn as she leaves the safety of her underground compound and tries to survive in a world no one has inhabited for more than a hundred years.

Growing up in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, Aimee spent her summers exploring the fields, woods, and orchards of her grandparents’ farm. She was inspired by prepper shows and survivalist websites to create a story that weaves together the best aspects of young adult fiction – adventure, teenage angst, and a hint of romance.

Aimee studied graphic design at Kent State University and currently works as a Creative Director. She enjoys history and camping and feels there is no better way to see the world than from the top of a horse.

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