Ravenous #Review: The Silverblade Prophecy by Scott M. Sandridge

The Silverblade ProphecyTitle: The Silverblade Prophecy

Series: The Messiah’s War

Series Number: #1

Author: Scott M. Sandridge

Genre: Adult Fantasy

Publisher: Quirky Words Publishing Ltd.

Publication Date: May 1, 2017

Format: Ebook

Pages: 302

Rating: 4

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Blurb From Goodreads:

Throughout the ages, messiahs have come and gone, and all have fallen. 
After centuries of exile, Bantaka the Godslayer is active once more. The Seer manipulates the strands of Time and Space to bring together Pankea’s only hope: the most unlikely motley of misfits and cut-throats in the land, and a godling half-breed who’s bloodline heritage holds the key to saving—or dooming—all Existence.
Destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy to “pierce the heart of her ancestor,” Marian Silverblade is hailed as the current messiah of her age. But prophecies often get misinterpreted. And Lord Calahan Darkblade—Marian’s ancestor and Bantaka’s Herald—has plans of his own….

The Silverblade Prophecy is the first book in The Messiahs War Trilogy. When destinies collide in a war unlike anything before seen on Pankea, the choices made by the most unlikely of heroes may determine the outcome.

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My Review:

Interesting, the blurb does not give you much about this book, and it’s worth reading! The characters are different, one can’t feel any emotion, another is reluctant, and none seem to really have a clue yet they are maneuvered by the Seer to work together and become the heroes the world needs. It was hard to put down, there seemed to be something happening on every page. Really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next book!

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Author Bio:

Scott M. Sandridge’s first short story, “Treecutter,” was published in The Sword Review in July 2005. Since then, he’s gone on to publish more short stories, and write reviews for Tangent Online, Withersin, and The Fix. He has also been a columnist for the Double-Edged Publishing webzines, a Submissions Editor for Ray Gun Revival, and the Managing Editor of Fear and Trembling. He is currently an editor for Seventh Star Press and Loconeal Publishing.

His flash fiction story, “Sleep Paralysis”, was a Top Ten Finisher in the 2008 P&E Readers Poll for Best Short Story – Horror.

His short stories have appeared in various online magazines and print anthologies, including Silver Blade, Every Day FictionMorpheus Tales: Dark Sorcery Special Edition, and anthologies from Pill Hill Press, Wicked East Press, and Seventh Star Press.

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