Blazing #BlogTour: The Seduction Expert by La Baronne

The Most Famous Seduction Expert
has landed in New York
The Seduction Expert
La Baronne
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Self-Help
Publisher: VSP Publishing
Publication Date: May 27, 2017
After two best-sellers in France and Brazil, the seduction expert has now arrived in New York with her Vuitton luggage. She was the most famous seduction expert in France. She is now the most famous seduction expert in the world.
Imagine years spent in her company, during which she challenges the biggest heartbreakers… Years of analyzing, tracking and well-deserved revenge. All motivated by a single promise: to change the lives of all those women calling upon her services. A few women would swear that The Seduction Expert changed their lives. She is an iron hand in a velvet glove, a woman of honour, dressed in a designer suit. She is the Wonder Woman of modern times who owns Gucci shoes and Burberry coats. She is the kind of woman of action who brings emotional turmoil. Get her card, it’s much better than spending holidays in St Barth!
An intense, enchanting, and thrilling story line that keeps you mesmerizing throughout the journey.
– Marivel, Goodreads Reviewer
A must-read for men.
Women, be careful, you will be a totally different but strong being after reading the book.
– Alesha, Goodreads Reviewer


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About La Baronne

La Baronne is a consultant, and human relations hold few secrets for her. She knows all the facets, even the smallest, as she has spent time studying the subject. In her opinion, love and human relations are simply a science integrating a complicated mechanism from which stem a number of principles, laws, equations and rules. Like a game of poker where you test different strategies at certain moments. Here you are bluffing, there you are betting, then you are laying the cards on the table and finally, you fold. In short, the factor “luck” does not exist for La Baronne, it has been invented by those that know nothing about it.
I loved it. The Baroness just kept me in suspense from the beginning to the end. I love her story as a coach, I love her charisma, and I love her advices. I recommend it.
– Swartza, Goodreads Reviewer
The Seduction Expert Tour Graphic
For more information, visit the The Seduction Expert Book Page at Book Unleashed.

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