Glamorous #Giveaway!!!

Mega Giveaway!!!

Since our Facebook Page has hit 2k we figured it was time for a giveaway!!

Three winners will be selected to win ebooks, paperbacks (some autographed), an audiobook and a bunch of swag. And who doesn’t like all those?!

There’s romance, suspense, paranormal, mystery, fantasy, adult, new adult and young adult!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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6 thoughts on “Glamorous #Giveaway!!!

  1. What a great prize.
    Perfect time for me to win. I’m having major surgery on the 25th that will take 2-4 months to recover and the first 4-6 weeks in bed. I will have a lot of time to go through swag and read. It’s going to be hard those first few weeks so anything I can think of that I can do while laying down I’m doing.
    Thank you for this chance


    1. Good luck with the giveaway and your surgery! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you looked around and found some good things to read.


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