Blazing #BlogTour: Sonora & The Eye Of The Titans by T.S Hall

Sonora and the Eye of the Titans
T.S. Hall
Publication date: January 14th 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

The King is dead, and the capital city of Titanis has fallen. The world of Sonora is at war, and the only hope against the onslaught of the Titan army lies with the last royal descendant of Zeus, who is being covertly sheltered on Earth in the secluded mountain town of Sandy, Oregon.

Allora is a shy, intelligent sixteen-year-old, trying to get through the gauntlet of high school while coming to terms with her otherworldly origins. After getting into a fight at soccer tryouts, Allora’s emotions boil over, and her hands suddenly burst into flames. She has harnessed the power of hadrons at the highest level, but at extreme cost. The magical outburst projects an energy signature that is detected by a group of assassins tasked with killing Sonoran rebels.

To survive, Allora, Katie, Dax, and Tanner must find a powerful ancient artifact known as the Eye of the Titans. With the help of a guardian known as Sasquatch, they will have to fight off creatures, solve complex riddles, and navigate magical caverns, all while enduring advanced calculus, jealous girlfriends, and prom.

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Heed the warnings of the route you take,

For one false choice be the last you make

Be careful to step with feathered feet

For one wrong move will send you deep


Allora knew there had to be something powerful about those words, even if she didn’t understand what they meant. She glanced up at her teacher with a determined stare. “So what is it? What is this Eye of the Titans?”

Mr. Swan leaned against his desk and took a deep breath, as if he had a long, difficult story to tell. “Do you all know the story of the Titan Wars?” he asked.

Recalling the story of Greek gods and Titans, Allora asked, “So it’s not just mythology?”

“It is discounted as that now, yes, but the war was very, very real,” he began. “The Titans were and still are the rulers of Titanis, the capital of Sonora. Back when the gateways to Earth were discovered, the Titans treated humans as slaves and Earth as its own colony. That was at the time of the initial evolution of humans as intellectual creatures, when humanity began to think on their own.

“Several Sonoran colonies formed in different areas of Earth, and wars were fought over that land, because each place offered its own unique resources. Before long, the rulers of these colonies became entrenched with the thinking humans. They taught them their ways, educated them in technology, religion, math, science, and language. The Titans of Sonora became infuriated with this, fearing that the humans would become too powerful and attempt to overthrow them. Since the gateways were permanently open, a large Titan army invaded Earth, starting one of the largest, most devastating wars for either world.”

The four leaned forward, hanging on every word their teacher spoke.

Mr. Swan continued, “To quell the onslaught of the invading army, the Sonoran colonists formed a secret army, the guardians.”

“Like Sas?” Allora asked.

“Well, Sas is a guardian, yes, but these were different. If you paid attention during your mythology lessons in school or have watched some movies, you might know them better as Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Aries, Poseidon, and the rest of the so-called ‘Greek gods,’” he said, placing mocking quotation marks in the air around the term.

“Why were they called ‘gods’ if that is not what they were?” Tanner asked.

“That was the acronym for the organization.”

Allora’s eyes grew wide, and she leaned over the table. “Wait, so you’re telling me that all of Earth’s historical religious icons are based on an acronym?”

Mr. Swan smiled to one side of his mouth and nodded.

“They were originally known as the Guardians of Delphi or G.O.D., because most of the support for the uprising came from the capital city of Delphi on the western continent of Sonora. The Sonoran colonists of Earth joined the guardians to battle the Titans for the freedom of Earth and the freedom of humanity.”

Author Bio:

I’m a writer, skier, and wanderer. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, but currently live in the beautiful mountain resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho. I love history, mythology, and the fantastical interpretations that have been incorporated in my debut young adult urban fantasy series called Sonora.

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