Rapturous #Release #Blitz: Expert Tease by Lola Kyle

CoverExpert Tease

by Lola Kyle

Genre: Adult, Erotica, F/F, Romance

Publication Date: April 1, 2017

Publisher: Quirky Words Publishing Ltd.


Time to bring sexy back

After 13 years of being married to her husband, their sex life is practically non-existent. Determined to make things better, she takes a strip tease class to spice things up.


All plans of making things work with her husband, backfires and she finds herself divorced, broke and desperate.
After Kiki tells her she’s a natural. She’s convinced that this is the only way she can make enough money to get back on her feet again.


The girls at Club Haze tries to convince Maye that she should start dating again.
When proposals from clients starts flooding her work locker and an unexpected suitor starts courting her. Maye becomes torn between staying in her comfort zone or diving head first into something new.

Officially dubbed the Expertise.
Will this new flame, tame the
Expert Tease?

This book contains mature scenes and content. It also features lbgtq themes.





Taking some time to sort myself out before I head back into the party. I only had to endure three more hours of this uncomfortable situation so I would try my best to ignore her. I wasn’t sure why I was shaking, and it made me feel uneasy. Waving to Kiki as I re-enter the room, heading over to entertain the other guest who currently surrounded the man of the hour.
All the men in the room had their eyes on Duchess who was sitting on the groom-to-be’s lap. All eyes, except for Jade’s. Her intense gaze giving me chills causing me to feel a way that I hadn’t felt in a while; breaking contact, I walk over to the group and trail my hand over the back of a handsome man. They were all handsome, but he was the kind of man whose smile would melt the panties off any girl. The way his pearly white teeth shone brightly in contrast with his smooth, chocolaty skin. Playful and complimented by his luscious, pink lips.
I needed to get laid. Quick, fast and in a hurry. I was single, and the devil on my shoulder was cheering me on as I bend over and whisper in his ear.
“Can you help me lace up in the bathroom?” my lips brushing lightly on his neck. I could feel Jade’s stare on me as Mr. Chocolate’s eyes go wide and his smile gets wider. That ought to do it. If looks could kill, the daggers Jade were shooting at our backs as we left the room would have put us six feet under.
Dragging him inside the small stall and locking the door. A look of surprise flashed across his face like ‘was this actually happening.’ I smirk and pulling a condom I stash for maybes out of my corset. It had been three months. It was bound to happen. I’m just surprised it took this long.
His lips came down on mine, biting down lightly on my bottom lip. My hands, going up to the back of his neck as I stood on my toes. I was wearing heels, and he still towered over me. Sliding his tongue over my bottom lip as I open up and welcoming him. He tasted like champagne and something salty.
Pulling away a few seconds later for air, panting and ready. Heat pooled between my legs as I felt the thrust of his erection against my lower stomach. I groaned and rubbed my hips harder against him. My hands dropped down to his waist as he turned me around, shoving me up against the door. Cupping the evidence of his arousal, groaning as he rocked his hips, so my hand rubbed against his cock. He began licking my neck as I continued to stroke him through his jeans. His hands roamed, sliding, creeping higher up my thigh; cupping my pussy through my black, silk panties.
One hand gripping my waist he growls, “Spread your legs further apart.” Obliging, his finger slip under the silky material soaked with evidence of my need. Bracing myself against the door with my hands. Moaning, I arch my back allowing his fingers to enter my pussy, slick with my arousal.
“God you’re wet,” he whispers. “Is this what you need?” he asked.
I could only nod as he stroked my clit with his thumb. Running his fingers down my slit. Moaning as he circled and pinched lightly between his thumb and forefinger. Lost in the sensations that flooded through me. I could feel my warm cum dripping down my legs.
“Are you afraid?” He asks.
“What?” I moan, pushing my hips against his hand.
“What if someone hears us?” He continues.
“I, I don’t know.” I whimpered as his hand began moving faster against me.
“Do you want me to stop?” His question confusing me. I was getting close, and I just needed to him to keep fingering me.
“What? No, oh god. Please don’t stop!” I beg as he nuzzled my throat again.
“Are you going to cum?” He asked, his teeth nipping at my neck.
“Yes. Yes, oh please yes!” I didn’t care what else he did at that moment. I just wanted him to keep stroking me closer and closer to an orgasm.
“Are you sure?” He breathes into my neck. His moan sending vibrations straight through my core.
“Yes! Make me come!” I plead, panting in time with his strokes. His hand moving faster and faster as I pushed my dripping pussy against his palm. The tension inside me mounting with each thrust. Finally, with one last flick of his finger, I feel myself free falling. I could hear myself groaning as the pleasure spreads through me. Not finished with his magic, shoving two fingers inside my now quivering pussy, my muscles squeezing them as spasms went on and on and on. I continue to ride his hand while his movements slowed.
“Lose the panties!” His voice stern and commanding. I must have looked a little shock as his rich laughter filled the little stall.
Feeling his tongue at the crook of my neck before teeth and lips nip gently at my skin. A perfect combination of pain and pleasure, causing me to moan out loud before I could stop myself.
With one fluid stroke, I felt the hot hard length of his achingly rigid shaft slide against the wet folds of my pussy. With each stroke, I could feel my climax building again. Slamming the length of his cock into my greedy pussy, his hips pumping, slapping against my ass repeatedly. I could feel every ridge of his tool through the thin barrier of the condom as my pussy squeeze it on each thrust.
“You are so tight.” He moans into my neck. I smile propping one leg up on the closed lid of the porcelain toilet bowl, using it to brace myself against his quick, hard strokes. The wet sounds of our sex filling the tight space around us. Sweat beaded down my back despite the central air unit that hummed quietly in the background. Each stroke more pleasurable than the last, his hand drops between my legs, and he begins to rub his fingertips across my clit. My pussy clamps around his stiff member signaling as another orgasm rips through me. My body trembling as he grows rigid.
“I’m coming.” He groans, hands gripping my hips harder; pushing against me. His dick jerks and spurts of his hot cum hits the thin membrane of the condom. With one final stroke, he pulls out of me; wrapping his hands around my stomach to support me just before my knees give out. Reduced to jelly.
My breath coming out in rapid burst, I hadn’t felt this good in a long time! Cleaning himself up, paper rustles, and I can feel him slipping something into the back of my corset before he leaves without another word. I should probably be offended, but I couldn’t bring myself to care.


My eyes were stuck to the door waiting for Maye’s return. Spotting Derek walking through the door, I couldn’t help the jealousy flowing through me any more than I could the blooding running through my veins. Kiki’s hand on my shoulder snaps me out of it, and unintentionally my rage finds a new target.
“What?” I snap.
“Jeez, what’s the matter J?” she asks, “I thought you were having fun?” looking confused by my sudden outburst of anger.
“Don’t trip. I’m leaving. I’ve had enough of this.”
“Really Jade? You’re upset that a stripper left with Derek?” Her brows furrowing.
The mention of his name incensing me further. “She’s not just any stripper.” I’m not sure if she has a death wish, but her peals of laughter annoy me, and I get up.
“No! Wait! Jade stop.” She says, grabbing my arm. “Just talk to me. Come sit.” Beckoning me over to the empty chaise in the furthest corner of the room.
“Talk to me girl.” she says, sincerity clear in her voice.
“She’s not just any stripper Ashley.” I pause, biting my lips.
“No. No. No. No. NO! Please don’t say that’s her.” She finishes. “You mean to say that, that’s legs? The Legs you’ve been obsessed with?
“Yes,” I confess, hiding my face in my hands.
“You sure know how to pick ‘em, girl.” She says, realizing her slip too late to recover.
“Seriously Ash?” I get up, “I’ll see you. I’m out of here.”
“I didn’t mean it like that girl. Chill!” She calls.
“Whatever man. I’ll see you.” I say, not bothering to turn around, taking my leave.
Adding insult to injury, Maye is walking up the stairs as I walk out of the room. Her white, high cut bathing suit barely covering her body. The fabric so thin, the black, flower shaped pasties showed through the material that stretched tightly across her chest.
“We need to talk!” my voice leaving no room for debate.
“No. You want to talk, I thought I made my case. I like men. Your friend should tell you just how much I like them.” She says, her smirk cruel.
“You’re not this person Maye. You know where to find me when you come to your senses.” I say, a little bit condescending.
“Do you know me well enough to say that?” Her eyebrows rising with question. “I thought so…” she says, walking past me.
My heart sinking as realization sets in. Maybe she was right; I didn’t know her well enough to know who she really was. Questions run through my head making me uncomfortable and slightly nauseous. I had spent so much time creating an image in my head of what she was like that I was blinded by my infatuation to whom she really is.
Sitting at the bar waiting for my Uber, the dancer from earlier walks over to me.
“Hey Sugar! What’s a beautiful woman like you doing drinking alone?” Taking the seat next to me she adds, “Need some company?”
As much as cold drinks and a warm bed felt like it was a good way to lick my wounds. I didn’t need to replace someone who was never there; My phone beeps alerting me to my ride. Pulling a hundred dollar bill out of my pocket, I stick it in her bra.
“Have a drink for me,” I say, my smile fading as I walk away.


Switching the lights in my apartment on, I toss my blazer and keys on the couch. Checking on the new puppy I recently adopted from the shelter, to see her sleeping. Sighing, I headed towards the fridge. I needed chocolate; pulling a tub of ice-cream out of the freezer. I head for my sanctuary. My bedroom was the one place I could just escape to, even if it did remind me of the kiss we shared.
My thoughts circulated nonstop around Maye; She was a stripper, and I was a judgmental bitch. Banging my head against the headboard and stuffing my face with ice-cream wasn’t helping me. Deciding I needed to get shit faced, walking over to the cabinet with my favorite scotch and pity tumbler.
Half bottle of Johnny Walker green label, my judgement was impaired. No Ashley to talk me out of it, I text Maye.

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PictureLola Kyle is a passionate writer breaking into the field. She has enjoyed writing privately for years before deciding to pursuing it professionally. Lola adds a unique blend of culture, mischief and madness that she applies to her not so Happily Ever Afters.
The 24 year old entrepreneur, author and blogger started Quirky Words Publishing Ltd in 2016 to create a safe place in the Indie community for authors. Using this as an opportunity to grow and learn, she was taken under the wings of an amazing mentor, where she honed her craft until she deemed it was at a level that any reader deserved. Lola is a dedicated aunt, friend and animal foster. Spending her spare time at football games, recitals and volunteering at the local animal shelters, when she isn’t writing.


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