Bombastic #BookBlitz: Songs & Fins by B. Kristin McMichael

Songs and Fins
B. Kristin McMichael
(The Merworld Trilogy, #2)
Published by: Lexia Press
Publication date: March 14th 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Whitney was amazed she finally had a boyfriend, and was prepared for a new life with him in the siren night human world. And the fact he was a lead singer in a rock band in his free time wasn’t bad, either. Too bad having a boyfriend didn’t mean she was going to see him, as his father’s punishment included separating them. Whitney is certain she can handle it, but sure enough, that isn’t the only wrench thrown into her new life. There’s a new threat in town, a scarier one than the backstabbing siren clan she’s part of now. They are night human hunters, and Whitney is an outlawed night human breed. Could her luck get any better? Quiet and peaceful would be ideal, but that’s not what she’s about to get.

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Whitney meeting another  new friends

“Do you come here for the sound of the waves or the view of the sparkling water?” a deep voice asked from beside her.

Whitney didn’t look up as she scanned the water.

“I come here to be alone,” she replied, still staring at the water for any sign of her new merfamily. Why was Sam so insistent she get out and why did she feel the need to leave the water? Was there something dangerous in there?

“Ouch,” the guy said as he sat beside her. “My sister said you were having some problems with your friends, and I suppose that would make just about anyone grumpy.”

Whitney finally turned to the unknown guy. Sitting down he was taller than her by almost a whole head. He had to be at least close to her old friend Owen’s height of six foot three inches. His dark, almost black, hair was pulled back into a short ponytail which made his crystal blue eyes stand out completely. While his sister was full of color from her hair to the various tattoos, her brother was dressed only in black to go with his black hair, and aside from the eyebrow that was pierced, there was nothing about him that said dangerous like his quiet sister.

“Sorry, it’s been a bad day,” Whitney said, apologizing for her snippiness. She didn’t need him to say he was Jade’s brother; she could see the familial resemblance in the shape of his eyes and the curve of his mouth.

Jade’s brother was new in town and truly didn’t deserve her anger directed at him. He wasn’t the one keeping her boyfriend from her, or making her friends ignore her.

“I completely understand. That school isn’t the most welcoming, and if I found a few friendly faces that have now ditched me to start over, I’d be completely mad about it, too,” he told her. Obviously, he was well informed. “I’m Jax, by the way. Jade’s awesome younger brother by a whole eleven months.”

Author Bio:

B. Kristin McMichael graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

B. Kristin is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her “Night Human World” includes the YA series “The Blue Eyes Trilogy” about a midwestern girl who comes of age in a world of battling vampire clans, the “The Day Human Trilogy” that takes place among the Appalachian Sidhe fairies, and “The Skinwalkers Witchling” trilogy that follows an apprentice witch in the Pacific Northwest. She’s also the author of the NA paranormal time travel romance series “The Chalcedony Chronicles”.

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Night Human World Series:

-The Blue Eyes Trilogy:

-The Day Human Trilogy:

-The Skinwalkers Witchling:

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