Ravenous #Review: Botched Proposal by Rose Silverstone

Botched Proposal (Pierson Family Values, #0.5)Title: Botched Proposal

Series: Pierson Family Values

Series Number: #0.5

Author: Rose Silverstone

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Silverstone’s Gems

Publication Date: December 15, 2016

Format: Ebook

Pages: 115

Rating: 5

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work and chose to write a review.

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Blurb From Goodreads:

Christmas is supposed to be about love, support, giving, gifting, and—most of all—family.

The Piersons have decided to come together to celebrate. The goal is to ignore the lives of each of the Pierson siblings while not dealing with the heavy loss they’ve recently suffered. A few things present themselves that promise to destroy any chance of pulling of Eric Pierson’s surprise for his girlfriend, Lorna Horner. The major catastrophe waiting to destroy everything he’s been working for comes in the form of an ex-girlfriend, Serenity McAdams has something to share that is sure to make proposing to Lorna an impossibility.

What else can go wrong this holiday season?

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My Review:

After finishing this I had to contact the author… “OMG I hate you right now … I just finished the book. I also love you right now cause Lorna Horner is the most hilarious name and man is she a bitch. Lol”. Needless to say this is a cliffhanger but so worth it!! I love all the characters and can’t wait to find out what happens next. I’m really not sure why Eric is even with a woman like Lorna Horner (giggle), but it definitely adds to the story. Be sure to grab a copy and fall in love with a family that is the epitome of love and support.

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Author Bio:

There is so much that could be said to define who I am but only one thing comes to mind: book lover. It is what I have been and will always be. I am addicted to created works and the minds behind them. It is a pleasure and honor to know that I am now creating works of my own. Take heart those suspenseful moments in life.

“They are the ones that prepare for some of the most interesting surprises.” RS

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