Ravenous #Review: Enchanter by Becca J Campbell

Enchanter (Flawed, #4)Title: Enchanter

Series: Flawed

Series Number: #4

Author: Becca J Campbell

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Surreal Media Studios

Publication Date: November 13, 2016

Format: Ebook

Pages: 315

Rating: 4

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work and chose to write a review.

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Blurb From Goodreads:

Violet can make anyone obey her. And she wants revenge.

After a series of abductions, Jade just wants to enjoy life with her boyfriend, Logan. But her empathic flaw has morphed into something even worse. Now her emotions are affecting everyone nearby, making her a dangerous force. Jade’s volatile emotions and Logan’s super-strength make a deadly mix.

Meanwhile, Violet, a woman from Logan’s past, has turned from infatuated colleague to jealous stalker. After recovering from an injury, she develops the power to control minds. Now Violet is finally able to get anything—and anyone—she wants.

And Violet wants Logan.

While Jade is dealing with her escaping emotions, she meets fellow English major Graham. He is the only one who knows what Violet is truly capable of. Jade enlists his help to in trying to save Logan from Violet’s clutches. But can they stop Violet before she puts them under her spell?

This fourth and final installment in the Flawed series once again pulls together a crew of friends with unique abilities. This time they must face the fury of a vengeful enchantress. If you enjoy thrilling suspense with supernatural powers, download this book today.

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My Review:

I’m kinda bummed that this is the last book but it was so much fun to read. This book I think explains why this doesn’t happen in real life. So many would use their powers for selfish reasons that could and would ruin many lives if not just snuff them out. Anyway, this was a fun read, and I liked the new character, Graham. It would’ve been nice to get some idea as to why Jade’s glitch, as she calls it, keeps changing or growing depending on your point of view. There were a few things that didn’t quite mesh in this book though. Violet can control only one person at a time and as soon as they are released they remember everything, so why didn’t the pharmacist turn her in for all the “free” pain pills? That was the major one, the other is how no one seems to notice anything weird going on. Once you look past those the story is really good. 

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Author Bio:

Becca J. CampbellAn avid lover of stories that tiptoe the line between fantasy and reality, Becca J. Campbell looks for new angles on bridging the gap between the two. She holds a special place in her heart for any story that involves superpowers or time travel. Her passion is defying the limits of her own creativity.

Becca’s journey into writing began as many of her other creative endeavors do – by daring herself to try something new. The question “what if I wrote a novel?” and some hastily scribbled notes on a church handout were the inspirations that jump-started her first book. Since then, she has written half a dozen additional novels and several shorter works.

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